Full code completion and building from the IDE are typically supported.
See the following pages for setup instructions.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text

https://www.sublimetext.com/ (version 3)
setup instructions
Mac / Windows / Linux


setup instructions
Mac / Windows / Linux


Setup instructions below
Mac / Windows / Linux

To use VSCode with luxe:

  • Install VSCode
  • Install vshaxe extension - Instructions
  • Create the following files if you don't have them already:
    • Create a .vscode folder in your project
    • Create .vscode/settings.json
    • Create .vscode/tasks.json
completion - .vscode/settings.json

vshaxe needs to know which hxml file to use for code completion.

With luxe, specify the hxml file inside your bin folder, as it is always going to be correct for your project.flow file.

If the bin folder doesn't exist yet for your target of choice, you may need to run flow info <target> or flow compile <target> once to generate it for you. For example, to build for web and there is no bin/web.build/ run flow info web to generate it.
:todo: This should be fixed/not necessary.

You can specify multiple configurations, and switch between them from the command palette "Haxe: Select display configuration".

    "haxe.displayConfigurations": [
        ["bin/mac64.build/build.hxml"], //mac build
        ["bin/web.build/build.hxml"]    //web target
building/running - .vscode/tasks.json

To build and run your project from vscode you just need a tasks file. These are documented by vscode itself, but for ours it's a basic command.

If you want to run a specific target, add it to the args, i.e "args": ["run", "web"] or add multiple tasks (see vscode documentation).

You can access the command palette to see tasks options, but there is usually a default key for Run Build Task. On mac this is Cmd-Shift-B for example. This will run your project.

    "version": "2.0.0",
    "command": "flow",
    "args": ["run"],
    "problemMatcher": "$haxe"

Haxe develop

Windows Only
HaxeDevelop is a build of FlashDevelop for Haxe.
The instructions are the same for both, but the setup page will mention FlashDevelop.