The new year has rolled around so it's a good time to talk about the new status posts!

Since the last dev log about the status was a significant one, and since we've been working hard on the engine "internally" while we figure out some key things (and avoiding distractions), it can be tricky to post about details that are undefined or ill defined.

The long form dev logs are a big value to me, but they have previously been a little too mixed with different types of information - yet I value being able to talk about the things we're busy with and know that the community likes to read about it too. Having to wait till there is "enough" information for a long form post can be less ideal. And the inverse, I want to post in detail about design intentions, technology that goes into making something like an engine, about the community news and more - it's a lot to cram into one post. Mixing them in a single stream of news feels like digging to find the right one.

Instead of trying to do that, I've separated the dev log into two parts for now. The status posts are short and to the point, which allow us to talk about things as they happen. We'll post about new features, impending changes, and various types of news and so on. They'll be more frequent. The dev posts will continue, and will be more dedicated to their purpose allowing them to be more focused and detailed.

They'll also serve to keep you informed that things are moving forward.

So that's it for now - things are moving forward (quite well!) and I'll be making some status posts to elaborate on that. We've been quite busy but as I'm starting to see a lot of the work I've put in start to form a coherent whole - it's feeling pretty great.

Happy 2017!

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