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luxe closed beta

About the preview build / closed beta

The purpose of the preview is to be representative of what luxe is, to feel like luxe and behave like luxe. Not complete or perfect, but usable and nice to use, despite work in progress aspects. You should be able to use it to make a variety of games easily enough, even if some parts are more manual or less streamlined.

The biggest goal is to flush out any obvious bugs and issues and to make sure the on-boarding is good enough by throwing a bunch more users at it.

Work in progress

Worth explicitly noting, that parts of the UI for the editor and launcher is a work in progress, and is not considered final.


An important factor is that the beta is not done and not perfect and doesn't have to be. What matters is that there's an engine that's usable, and is nice to use despite in progress parts, and will keep getting better over time. Especially with more feedback/use cases, which are key to solving issues quickly, this is why we add people to the beta to use it.


  • the primary focus is 2D first
  • luxe is still a work in progress
  • many things are in development to improve/push things further


Is the luxe closed beta still accepting testers?

Yes! There's a need to test right until open beta, so we'll continue to add people. We're already at over 100+ and growing.

Where do I sign up for the luxe closed beta?

You can read the original details here in dev log #10.

Once you've read about the goals and expectations above, you can view the submission form to express interest in participating here.

Also make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get notified when open beta happens.

When will the open beta be available?

We don't know an exact date, but we have a tenative time window. See news #3 for more.

What can I expect from watching people stream the closed beta?

Because the closed beta means that stuff is work in progress, you shouldn't be surprised to see crashes, akward workflow issues, missing documentation and other similar issues. These are good to find so they can be fixed.

Things on the higher level move fast, and with people reporting the most relevant issues, those issues get less and less common as we move forward. So if you're seeing issues, you can likely expect they'll be reported and fixed soon after ✨

I'm in the closed beta, can I stream using luxe?

In general yes. The same disclaimers from the initial beta access apply, but there are a few extra things to keep in mind, so that everyone is clear that it's a beta:

  • Link to the luxe website somewhere so people can find out more
  • Make it clear that things are work in progress
  • Make it clear that it is a closed beta (not for too long, see news #3) so people aren't misunderstanding general availability and feel bad.
  • Be sensitive to the beta feedback process, e.g consider how you're framing issues you encounter, and comparisons you make with bigger engines/teams.

Stream Overlays

As a convenience, instead of having to disclaimer every 5th sentence, you can display a stream overlay somewhere on screen. The size doesn't matter much as long as it's basically legible. It's not required but definitely encouraged, as it answers questions and clarifies the status in a glance.

To use them, right click the image you want to use below and save the image.
If you'd like some tweaks to it to better fit your layout, or difference sizes etc just ask on the discord! There's a smaller rectangle, and a bigger square, in a solid or transparent variant.