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Using luxe

What platforms can you develop for using luxe?

With the default workflow, you can deploy to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web. 

Console support is on the way, starting with Switch.

You can deploy a project to those with a single click (or cli call), from any host platform. That means from Windows, you can deploy builds for Mac + Linux + Web, ready to publish somewhere like itch.io. Or from Linux, deploy for Windows etc.

The web target requires Web Assembly and WebGL2 by default, both widely available.

Which host platforms can you use luxe to develop with luxe?

The editor and engine work from Windows, Mac and Linux (many distros). 

What language is used when making a luxe game?

The primary language for game code is Wren, a small and elegant scripting language.

luxe adds features to Wren like compile time error checking, full code completion, jump to definition and other quality of life IDE experiences. The engine provides an official VS Code extension implementing all that.

Initially, and for open beta, the primary focus will be on Wren as we don't want to dilute the ecosystem before it has a chance to exist. Later, other languages will be an option.

Is luxe code focused or editor focused? 

Technically it's both. 

The editor is optional and installed separately as a module. It's a complement to the code only workflow, you don't have to even install it if you prefer working from code first. As a code first user you get a ready function and a tick function and can just start coding.

On the opposite side, through modules and systems exposed to the editor, it will be possible to make whole games from the editor only. We're still working on getting there, so it leans more towards needing some code rather than no code. With things like node based visual scripting and other editor features it will continue to become more and more possible over time.

Does luxe have visual scripting?

It's not ready just yet, but it's currently in development. It'll look a bit like this.

Supporting luxe

At the moment you can support luxe development here.

What will the money go toward?

Directly paying people to work on the engine. See the news post for timing and motivation.

Why Ko-Fi?

They're doing a better model than other options at the moment, are frequently improving and do a lot more for their community than other options we've used and seen. In the future we'll self host supporting the engine via ghost but for now Ko-Fi is the best fit.

My discord role isn't showing up?

Make sure you connect your discord account with Ko-Fi under your Ko-Fi user settings.