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news #1 - website+email updates


We've been preparing for the near future with some necessary migrations and updates! Read on for what's new. This email contains some news, info about the mailing list, and serves as a test of the new mail system we're using.

engine announcements

We've got some exciting news on the horizon, that's why we wanted to test the mail system with a smaller post first. The goal is to send the bigger news in the next few days, so make sure to check back soon.

closed beta news

The closed beta has been going on since the last dev log, and people are jamming on all kinds of stuff. The dev log has the submission for expressing interest in the closed beta so if you're interested in access, fill it out if you haven't!

We've got close to 100 people in the closed beta at the moment with more added quite frequently.

Here's a brief list of recent links to visit:

website and server updates

The website has been moved to a different server which doesn't really impact you much!

However, it's also been updated to the latest version of Ghost which gives us the ability to maintain the community around luxe more effectively.

We've always used and loved Ghost (self hosted), and the latest versions allow us to manage a list of members, which affords us more control over data, costs and offers a host of features like paid content, mailing list management and more.

For an example, you can read about Ghost as an alternative to Patreon.

mailing list updates

Previously, luxe was using mailchimp to deliver emails.

Once we shot past 2000 members on the mailing list, it got quite costly to send emails. This was something I had been looking to solve for a while and Ghost solved it in a way that saves us a ton of effort, while also providing a lot of other benefits.

This means we can write more posts about the engine, like in depth technical posts, news posts and more instead of a single dev log annually.

why do I need to know this?

Most important: you can now sign into the luxe website directly using the email address you used to sign up on the mailing list.

This sends you a sign in link, which can be used to manage your email preferences (whether you still want emails) and update your email address.

This lets us treat it as a luxe account, which we can use for various other things in the near future. You should sign up if you haven't, since you can disable emails if that's not how you like to hear about posts.

You can ignore the "free membership" text, it's not easy to customize it at this time and isn't relevant in this context.


  • Follow on twitter
  • Join the official discord if you haven't
  • If you find any content that's broken let us know!
  • If you find older content that's poorly formatted, we're working on cleaning that up for the new theme.

that's it!

Thanks for the interest in luxe, looking forward to sharing some news soon!