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news #3 - closed beta news!


Happy holidays to everyone celebrating!

This newsletter has some more exciting news, and some details about what we've been up to during the closed beta.

Studio Any Percent

Previously, I mentioned that I'm working on luxe full time now and doing that by working on games using it as a studio. Here's the official announcement of the studio, where you can read about the team and more. RTs appreciated!

Tentative open beta timeline

We've decided on a time frame for open beta release!

While I won't share the exact date just yet, the important thing is it exists and isn't too far in the future! We're working on wrapping up some more stuff quick, but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

We'll obviously continue to work on and finish stuff once it's out, but the sooner it is available the better for the engine + ecosystem.

It's very exciting to be at the point where the open beta will be available to everyone, and it's important that expectations are still aligned - it is still 2D first and it is still a beta. We'll be reiterating that a whole lot until then!

You can still sign up for the closed beta, there's more to test before the open beta!

Twitch dev streams

I've been working on the engine + editor as well as games live on Twitch again!

I've been streaming using the luxe mascot as a sort of vtuber-style avatar which has been fun! If you want to see the engine in motion, see the games we're making, or want to have any questions answered, follow on twitch and come hang out.

Mossfield Origins on Steam

The game we've been making in luxe is now up on Steam. You can wishlist the game to be notified when it becomes available!

If you can, please wishlist the game as it goes a long way to supporting the engine + studio, and we live in the land of Algorithms so showing support that way is much appreciated.

A demo of the game will be available during the Steam Next Fest, which is happening in February!

luxe closed testers jam

At the end of January 2022, we'll be doing a game jam with all the closed testers (over 100 already!).

We'll share more about it soon, but there'll be live streams after showing off the entries, a bunch of updates in the discord showcasing the games made, an itch.io page for the jam and more. It'll be a fun time!

Forward progress

A couple things that are fun to see!

A proper color picker for the editor thanks to Ronja
when multiple entities are under the mouse, ctrl click will bring a filterable list up to select from rather than having to click repeatedly to select
Debug view of automatic mesh instancing while working on Mossfield Origins
The log viewer in the luxe editor to conveniently see debug logs. As a module, it can be dropped into a project and toggled on in any game too.
Exploring profiling the core + scripts using optick profiler
exploring profiling core engine memory allocations over time using tracy

Till next time

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