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news #2 - luxe full time, and...


Today there's some exciting news!

If you're new to luxe, visit createwith.luxe for details and the latest dev log.

For the last few years I've been working on luxe by myself*, in my spare time.

*Not discounting the invaluable feedback/reports/docs PRs from closed/beta testers, and some contributions to luxe by Tilman Schmidt over time. And not discounting user space modules made and shared by users either, or games made using it! And not discounting myself either, since I did make this!

full time 👩‍💻

The stars have aligned, and the timing is good, so for the next while I'll be working on luxe full time.

I'm excited (and privileged) to give it the attention I feel it deserves, it's the first time I'll be able to dedicate all my attention to working on it and with it. After so many years of thinking about the idea, and several putting in the work alone to make it a reality, you can guess that it's a big deal to me.

Especially as we work towards open beta, momentum will go a long way.

no longer alone.. +1 Ronja 💖

Ronja is now collaborating in an official capacity on luxe, as we ramp things up a bit!

Yea, the same Ronja from everyone's favourite shader tutorials. They're helping on all sorts of stuff like the vscode extension, shaders for the editor and more.

They're great and it's great to have help to get stuff done quicker!

a luxe powered game studio 🌱

We're starting a game studio around luxe!

My partner and I started a small game studio, and Ronja is joining us for a while. The three of us will be working on luxe and making games together using it.

Personally, I don't feel like a company developing luxe makes much sense unless it's making games with the engine, it's a critical part of the process to me, all the way from design through to implementation.

I've always felt that way, that's why I've consistently done game jams and made games using luxe throughout development. This is just the next level, and it also helps the catch 22 of people wanting to see games being made with an engine before trying it themselves.

The studio will be announced officially separately since it's a whole thing.
update: here's the studio announcement

As a studio, we'll be aiming to ship mossfieldorigins.com in the near future - there'll be more details on that soon too.

mossfield origins - a game being made in luxe

what else...

There'll be more luxe news and details on all this in near future posts. For now,

console support

Don't miss luxe running on the Nintendo Switch, (mentioned in news #1). Since part of the plan is to ship mossfield origins on console, we're working on official support for Switch and other consoles. The game already runs on Switch but there's work to do yet.

technical dev logs

We've started posting more technical dev logs - luxe tech articles. The first one is about precise number inputs in the editor, with more on the way:

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